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Ingredients: organic sugar & culinary lavender will make 4 oz.


Everyones favorite & delicious lavender simple syrup is now available at your finger tips. 


Lavender Syrup Can Be Added To.. (but not limited to)
- hot & iced coffee, lattes, espresso etc.
- mochas & hot cocoa
- craft cocktails
- hot & iced tea
- lemonade 
- add to seltzer water for an Italian soda
- hot or iced chai tea
- add or drizzle on baked goods or ice cream

IMPORTANT : Recommended to refrigerate after opening. Additives or preservatives have not been added.

After Making The Syrup: Please use immediately within 4 weeks. Store in an airtight container (If you need an airtight containter, check out our lavender simple syrup & bottle combo). Just choose "With bottle" at checkout!

To use: Add a small amount and add more to your liking and level of sweetness desired.



Take & Make Lavender Simple Syrup



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