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Baking something scrumptious?
Got cookies, muffins, or scones on the menu?

Lavender sugar will contribute a sweet, aromatic hint of decadence to each dish.

Sprinkle on top of sugar cookies or add to the batter of muffins and scones.


Enjoy lavender tea, lattes or lemonade?

Stir lavender sugar into both hot or iced drinks; add a little lavender sweetness!

Create a fragrant floral cocktail
If it fits with the menu, opt for a lavender-based cocktail at your next gathering. Use lavender sugar to line the rim of the cocktail glasses and for the drinks, create a simple syrup by boiling lavender sugar and filtered water.  

Make an herbaceous butter
Start with unsalted butter and add lavender sugar, basil, and thyme. Give it to someone you love.  

Lavender Fine Sugar - 1 1/2 cups

We don't use preservatives in our products. It is normal for clumping to occur. Please shake before using it.

No Preservatives. No additives. No artificial flavorings

Lavender Sugar



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