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All of our roll-ons are made from a base of fractionated coconut oil, lavender oil & other magic. You can put them anywhere on your external body. Our favorite places are the forearms, neck, temples, and bottom of feet. Store in a cool, dark place.


Roll With The Punches - On the go support for stress relief, centering, and relaxing. Our 29 rows lavender oil has a medicinal aroma that is supportive of our mental health needs like anxiety, and insomnia. The body's nervous system responds well to lavender oil. 


Deep Breaths - When you come across a much needed pause to breathe, recenter, and ground yourself. This blend of lavender, copaiba, vanilla and other oils is sure to meet you exactly where you're at!


Arnica Recover - This blend of lavender, peppermint and other oils is great for using on sore muscles, tight neck and shoulders, or headaches. Roll it directly on the area that is causing you trouble. For headaches, we recommend using on the back of the neck or even just smelling it! 


Unwind - We love this blend for it's balance of both masculine and feminine oils. Lavender, cedarwood and other oils all come together to create a sensual and romantic aroma. This smell is so good you'll want to roll it all over your body.


Good Vibes - Energy to get us through whatever life throws at us! The perfect remedy if you find yourself feeling in a funk. Infused with lavender, citrus and more! 




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