Senecio rowleyanus 'String of Pearls' is a happy cascading succulent, with bright green round leaves. 


Interesting fact...this succulent originated in southern Aftrica and grows like groundcover over rocks. The stems can potentially reach several feet in lengh. The leaves help the succulent to survive drought conditions. The leaf has a crescent-shaped "window" that allows light to enter. 


Produces tiny white flowers that resemble pom-poms and smell like cinnamon. To encourage spring flowers, cut back on water and keep the plant in cooler, but not freezing or drafty temperatures (around 60 degrees) during the winter months. 


  • 'String of Pearls' prefers bright, indirect light, to avoid sunburning, and a room without chilly drafts as cold air can cause leaves to drop. Fast-draining soil in a pot with sufficient drainage is important. Water thoroughly but only when the soil is completely dry, and even more infreguently during the winter months, as the plant shift into dormancy.