Senecio Peregrinus, or also known as Sting of Dolphins, is the kind of succulent that would make you fall in love with instantly! It's a rare animal-like variety that develops a beautiful curvy leaves which perfectly resemble a pod of little jumping dolphins. 


  • Place them in a shaded spot where they will get indirect or filtered sunlight all day. Like most succulents, the String of Dolphins can rot if overwated. give them a good soak of water and allow the soil to dry completely in between waterings. Choosing a well draining soil like cactus/succulent mix is important for drainage.

    If growing them as a houseplant, you should place them in a south-facing window where they can get at least 6 hours of morning sunlight per day. 

    Unlike other succulents, String of Dolphins love cool air and can withstand temperatures as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit during winter. 

    String of Dolphins prefers a bit more watering compared to String of Pearls. Keep in mind to always check their leaves for a sign to help you determine if they lack under-watered.

    When you see signs like dull, deflated and dry leaves, that implies that your Dolphin is underwatered. If you see squishy, yellow or transparent leaves, it means your Dolphin is getting more water than needed. 

    Fertilize only once or twice a year at the beginning of spring and when they start to bloom. 


  • This plant comes in a 2 inch pot.