Mini Kokedama Ball Magic in a glass cylinder vase, hanging from repurposed manzanita branches that grow on our farm. 


Great for any space, brings calmness and peace. Any well lit room, office, table centerpiece, etc. 


Comes with String of Pearls unless you would like to choose another succulent from the website. Leave me a message if choose a different succulent. 

Mini Kokedama Ball in Glass Cylinder

  • Bright, indirect light is best, and keep an eye out for stretching due to low light conditions. 

    When should I Water? 

    Water when the kokedama feels completely dry. Add enough water to make the kokedama feel damp to the touch. 

    Absorption Method

    Sit the kokedama ball in a dish a little bigger than the base and fill with a couple of inches of water and allow it to absorb into the ball like a sponge until the water is gone. If the water disappears quickly add a little more next time...if there is still water after an hour, reduce next time.

    Dunk Method

    Prepare a bowl of water, submerge your kokedama (up to the plant) in the water. Let it sit for about 5 minutes to absorb water, gently squeeze the moss ball to allow excess water to drain, and hang to dry. Start by doing this once every 10-14 days (do not water again until the kokedama feels completely dry) and observe the Kokedama. If the plant is happy, you can stick to the watering routine. If the succulent shows any signs of underwatering or overwatering, adjust your watering frequency accordingly. 

    Spring and Summer Months

    Succulents grow most during the warmer months. They will require more water during these months so check the soil weekly. You can water with a bit of your favorite fertilizer, dilute down to ¼ strength through the growing season.

    Winter Months

    Succulents have a dormant period during the colder months and growth stalls. They will require far less water during this time.