Exceptional succulent for beginners with dark green leaves and horizontal white, bumpy stripes on the outer side. With an upward growth habit, each fleshy leaf comes to a tapered point.


  • Partial shade conditions makes it extremely well-suited to life in a less sun-drenched space which descrivbes many interior conditions! To much bright sun exposure can cause the leaves to first take on a reddish hue from stress, before eventually turning white and drying out from sunburn. 'Zebra Plant' sends up thin flower stalks bedecked with small white or pink blooms in the fall months. 

    This variety will thrive when watered according to the 'soak and dry' method, and prefers porous soil in a well-drained pot. 

    'Zebra Plant' is not cold hardy beyond Zone 10, and must be protected from freezing temperatures. 


  • This plant comes in a 2 inch pot.