Twisting leaves makes it appear just as its name suggests... 'Topsy Turvy'! The loose, low growing rosettes can reach up to 8 inches wide and feature shades of pale blue, faint green, and gray. 


'Topsy Turvy' will produce offsets rapidly, creating a clumping growth habit that looks especially stunning in temperate rock gardens or container plantings. 


  • Bright light will ensure that 'Topsy Turvy' reaches its full potential, both in color and in size. Porous soil with adequate drainagte will protect the plant against ills such as rot or pests. Be sure to water thoroughly but infrequently, providing another drink only once the  soil has had a chance to completely dry though.

    During the winter months, take steps to protect these unique leaves from frost-and in the summertime 'Topsy Turvy' will reward your efforts with displays of bright orange and pink blooms!

    Take care not to mar the powdery coating with the oils from your fingertips. 

  • This plant comes in a 2 inch pot.