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As an organic lavender farm in Northern California, we’re focused on serving our community’s health as a whole. Our belief, given the physical and mental health benefits of lavender, is that producing lavender products may benefit a society in which access to adequate healthcare may not be a guarantee. A society in which it is imperative that we all have a stake in the care of our own bodies and minds.

We do this by producing lavender in a sustainable manner without chemicals or pesticides. We see the quality of our product as a reflection of ourselves and take pride in its natural development.


Further, we strive to build a connection with our community through overall wellness. We see ourselves as more than a lavender farm, a community gathering place if you will, seeking to foster this connection with outdoor events and social gatherings.


Our values were founded by our desire to learn and grow with our community. Our desire to be an open forum where you are free to discuss what wellness means to you amongst 29 rows of lavender.

About Our Lavender


Grosso lavender, scientifically known as Lavendula x intermedia ‘Grosso,’ is a woody perennial hybrid of English lavender and Portuguese lavender. Grosso lavender is also the most widely cultivated lavender variety for its essential oils. Its long lasting blooms and fragrance are excellent for cut flowers, dry flowers,

oil infusions, potpourri, and other crafts, as well as in culinary and herbal recipes. This is also an excellent plant to grow for honeybees.

Buena Vista

Lavandula angustifolia, more commonly known as 'Buena Vista' lavender is our first culinary variety on the farm. Buena Vista blooms twice per season; late spring and again in fall, in areas with a moderately long growing season. It has superb fragrance and eye-catching, strongly bi-colored flowering spikes with a lax, informal habit.

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