We love the outdoors and all the benefits we receive from being out in nature. We believe there are physical and mental health benefits that come from nature, whether it’s taking a walk or using what can grow right in our backyard. With our passion for growing plants and overall wellness, 29 Rows was created. We saw a need to support & encourage others to enjoy what we have all around us in Northern California and decided to fill the need. 


Since our first harvest, we've made many changes to expand the farm and bring the community in. We've brought in new species of lavender to evolve the products we can create. We also launched Mamá Chio's Succulents and Cacti to diversify our farm and help others find their green thumb. Your feedback and support as we've made these changes has only inspired us to continue this incredible progression.


In 2020, as life shifted, we saw the need to get back to nature. At 29 Rows, we want to empower our community to do so with us. “Getting Back To Nature” will be how we evolve the farm moving forward. In 2021, we will push the boundaries of this mission.


getting back to nature

This year we’re expanding our farm with new crops that will reshape our product line while remaining true to staying local. We are in the process of drafting plans for a new gathering place on our farm. This space will serve as an area where we can meet with the community and local small businesses to host workshops and other events. Lastly, we built a shade house for our succulents and cacti. Here, others can gather with Mamá Chio as she breathes life into the plants and helps others learn how they can do the same.


Each new addition to the farm will be driven by the purpose we set at the onset: give back and do good. There are many exciting updates to come on the specifics of where we’ll be giving back this year.


Address: 15875 Butterfield Rd. Anderson, Ca. 96007

Phone: 530-510-8903

Email:  29rows@gmail.com


By appointment only.

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